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The Black Series; A brand of lifestyle and language.  Our line speaks to our values  with simplicity, style and a signature that is reserved for those who live and wear their truth.

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Black Women Speak

Conversations for, by and about Black Women.

Artist in Residence

"Art is Life - Life is Art"

Our artist in residence will curate virtual and in-person exhibitions that will feature local Detroit artist.

Pause and Play

Music is the rhythm section of our stories, our swag, and our testimonies.  Our lives are narrative by moments of joy, pain, contemplation, and PAUSE.  Pause and Play is a series of local and international live and recorded music via the soundtracks of our audible expereinces featuring jazz, neo-soul, classical, gospel and of course rhythm and blues.

coming soon

Pause n Prose

Video Blog

Signature Coffee Line

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