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About PAUSE Detroit

Pause Detroit is a Café for the soul.  Whether virtually or in person, this gathering place is about connections and community.


Pause Detroit is a voice that is committed to lift the power of words and language to build, uplift, nourish and empower those who charge to speak truth as a life-giving source.

Our virtual café will make you feel like you are sitting with your closest friends, having great conversations, listening to amazing music, or the spoken word.   You will lean in to engage our podcast where we talk with creatives, leaders, activist and entrepreneurs about their personal and professional journey in life (mind, body & soul).

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THE PHYSICAL SPACE (opening in 2022)

Many cultures connect head, heart, and hand around the kitchen table.  Food is a source of strength, and life and our gathering within the intimacy of family or the collective of community around the table that nourishes our soul.

Pause is a space for exhaling over a cup of coffee, a delicious meal or an amazing glass of wine.  Nestled in the soul of New Center Detroit it is in proximity of a robust residential community and businesses.  Art, music, and ideas are nurtured in this space.  Business happens in this space, connections are made in this space, revolution is the evolution in this space. 

Pause is a Michigan based company, established in 2016 to operate as a café that connects people, causes, action for the justice of humanity the good & genius of community.

We believe that change happens when people are heard, lifted, and supported to imagine the greatest of possibilities.


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To be a gathering place to serve, lift and support the mind, body and spirit of community and humanity.

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To be holistic in our humanity.

We gather...

We engage...

We speak...

We listen...

We learn...

We lift...

We love...

We exhale...








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